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  1. Hello, I am using the analog discovery 2 to perform impedance measurment and I am interested to use it to measure sugar concentrations. I found this very interesting paper with a coupled coil set-up (cf Figure 2 in the paper) which seems to work very nicely for my application: https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/19/10/2354/htm Does anyone have already worked with this type of set-up ? Any advices ? Thanks ! Tanguy
  2. Dear, We used the Analog Discovery 2 to measure impedance. We did first tests using the Python API. Now, we would like to integrate the measure directly to a PLC for process automation. Do you propose a OEM version of the module to measure impedance which could be compatible with a PLC ? Otherwise, we found this module: https://www.digikey.fr/fr/product-highlight/d/digilent/pmodia-impedance-analyzer Is it possible to measure impedance at 100 Hz frequencies with that component ? Thanks for your help. Best regards, Tanguy
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