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  1. It seems that I figured this out as I was writing the above. It's fixed, now. Anyone who has this problem should do this: Right-click the Windows task bar and select Task Manager Under the Processes tab, select Digilent Agent with the mouse. Click the End Task button in the lower right of Task Manager Exit Task Manager, the old Digilent software can now be removed or replaced
  2. I have recently purchased an Analog Discovery 2 and downloaded the installer for the WaveForms software, but I cannot install the software. My system is 64-bit Windows 10. When I run the installer I get the message "Runtime DLL (DPCOMM) is in use. Close any applications that could use this" followed by a list of programs including WaveForms. I have an OpenScope MZ device that no longer functions (I hear there was a lot of that with that device); it is not connected but the software for it is still there, and I assume that it is what is causing the problem. I tried to uninstall that software using Windows Control Panel, and I got the same result. It would not uninstall. FYI, I have a slow internet connection, so I downloaded WaveForms Live and used the "local host (number)" option. What do I need to do to get rid of the old OpenScope software so I can install WaveForms for the Analog Discovery 2? I am a computer-savvy person and understand technical terms well.
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