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Real-time Laplacian filter processing for ZYBO


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We use Digilent Inc. ZYBO board. 


Please go to the generation of the bit stream First "the HDMI input of ZYBO (public project) 9 to be output to the VGA output" by reference to Vivdo 2015.2 by preparing the dvi2vga_lap project.


The 1280x720 60P image of input from the HDMI input of ZYBO in real time and then output to the VGA terminal by Laplacian filter processing.This is a project of Vivado 2015.2.

It shows the procedure.

· Connected to the HDMI terminal of ZYBO from laptop HDMI terminal.

· It was connected to a display from VGA terminal of ZYBO.

· Put the power of ZYBO.

· Configure the bit stream to ZYBO in Vivado.

Disk top screen of the notebook computer will be displayed on the screen that is connected to the ZYBO. When the SW0 of ZYBO to 1, Laplacian filter processing is performed.


For an example see this URL.



Download URL



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