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Where are the MAC instructions?

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Where are the MAC instructions for setting up and connecting the OpenScope MZ? I only ask because while it connected to a Windows 7 PC, it refused to connect to a MacBook Pro at all. In the device selection process there were 8 different options but I assumed it was the "tty.usbserial....." option.  I have been trying mostly with that one, but the connection status is always "not connected". After failing to get it connected on the Mac, I was able to connect it to a Windows 7 laptop and do the initial updates and calibrations. After that I saw a blue led on the board for the first time when it powers on. When I connect the board to the Mac now the blue led blinks, but the connection error is still there. I have tried connecting with old and new versions of the digilent agent for Mac.   What is going on? 

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Hey BenderBro,

After you update the firmware on the OpenScope MZ the blue light will flash when the device is powered on but not connected to wifi and the blue light will be solid if you're connected to wifi.  You can see more details about the LEDS in the last section of the OpenScope MZ reference manual.

We don't have Mac specific setup instructions but it should be very close to the Windows setup experience.  It sounds like you were able to install the Digilent Agent on Mac (make sure to use the latest version).  

The OpenScope MZ typically shows up as ttyUSBSerial or similar in WaveForms Live.  I suggest looking at the list of serial devices with and without the OpenScope MZ plugged in to make sure the drivers are installed and you are selecting the correct device.  Next go back into WaveForms Live and try to add the device again.  Let us know exactly what message you get from WaveForms live (it would help to see a screen shot of the as well).

Finally after completing the steps above can you right click the Digilent agent and send a screenshot of what the menu looks like.



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