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JTAG-HS2 Programming Cable 14-pin adaptor pin out issue


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Can anyone give me the Pin-outs of the 6 to 14-pin adaptor of the JTAG-HS2 Programming Cable .

The 14-pin adaptor has which JTAG signal on which pin? (Not properly mentioned in the datasheet)

Where is Pin1 with respect to the alignment notch of the 14-pin  JTAG-HS2 Programming Cable adaptor ? (Mating side view )

I am having difficulty in assigning JTAG signals to my FPGA board JTAG connector (14-pin 2mm pitch connector with notch alignment) which mates with the 14-pin adaptor of the JTAG-HS2 Programming Cable

Please provide the details asap.

Best Regards,

Vihang Waze

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Hi Vihang,

I attached the schematic for the 14-pin adapter as well as a screenshot of the typical system board mating pin-out. I think the screenshot will answer most, if not all of your questions. Please note that the PS_SRST_B signal will only be present on Zynq boards. Also note that the JTAG-HS2 with 14-PA cannot drive PS_SRST_B and that if you need to drive that signal you will need a JTAG-HS3.


JTAG 14PA.pdf


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