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Arty-Z7 GPIO0 access



Hello, I am having trouble with the last bit of my project where I have modified the video_demo of the Arty_Z7 example

I added a 32bit GPIO to the Zynq7 in Vivado and exported it to the SDK.  Note I am 'not' using the AXI, I am using the direct GPIO access.  The .bit is automated from the block design.


I have read and re-read the example in SDK for initiating a port read for this XGPIOPS

Here is the code I think has an issue:

(at define block and globals)
	XGpioPs Gpio;	/* The driver instance for GPIO Device. */
(at beginning of function)
	XGpioPs_Config *ConfigPtr;
	u32 InputData;
(later where the code is executed)
	/* Initialize the GPIO driver. */
		ConfigPtr = XGpioPs_LookupConfig(GPIO_DEVICE_ID);
		status = XGpioPs_CfgInitialize(&Gpio,ConfigPtr,ConfigPtr->BaseAddr);
    /* Set the direction for all 32 pins to be input. */
    	XGpioPs_SetDirection(&Gpio, 0,0);
    /* Read the state of the data so that it can be verified, press any key to stop */
        while (!XUartPs_IsReceiveData(UART_BASEADDR))
        	InputData = XGpioPs_Read(&Gpio, 0);

What this is supposed to do is blast the UART with the GPIO_0 data coming from the fabric, I confirmed on the Vivado side using ILA that the GPIO_0 data is running counters, etc as I designed it.  What I actually get from the .ELF run is a constant value.  I think this means I am either reading from the wrong place or I am somehow misunderstanding the function and just repeating the 32bit address of the memory location (instead of the data)

Can anyone look this over and point out my error?

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