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File system in vivado SDK to run on ZED board



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I don't use the Xilinx SDK because I prefer to run Ubuntu or Android on zedboard, zybo, etc. Ubuntu works really well because so many prebuilt packages are available and it's so familiar to developers.

With either of these, filesystem access is available as usual.

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Hi @shashi,

Looking into this issue i found a pdf here on pages 25 and 26 that discuss using open(), close() and instead say that file support is limited to stdin and stdout.  You would be able to use read,write where the fd is either 0(standard input) or 1(standard output). I believe you would need to use the axi quad spi and the sd card to read a file. Could embedded linux be a better solution to this issue? This looks like an example that uses fopen() with embedded linux from xilinx's github.



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