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Dasylab driver for Dewesoft hardware



On the Digilent website in the Driver compatibility table for DASYLab it has check marks for Dewesoft and says contact us.  I am interested in using DASYLab with Dewsoft hardware.  Is that a possibility?

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Hello @dmac1010

Thank you for your inquiry about DASYLab support for DEWESOFT equipment. 

The DeweSoft driver is not included with the DASYLab software. Dewesoft does not release an API for direct access to the hardware. Instead, the connection to DASYLab is via the DCOM interface of the Dewesoft software.  To use DASYLab to process measured values from the Dewesoft hardware, the measurement must be defined inside the Dewesoft software. These configured channels can then be accessed via the DASYLab driver.  It is a bit like the NI-DAQmx driver.  Please contact DEWESoft directly for DASYLab driver support. 

You might also try contacting MeasX GmbH for more information.  Some years ago MeasX developed a Dewesoft driver for DASYLab v13 and DASYLab 2016, but the driver was not updated for DASYLab 2022.



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