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Need more General IO (120 Single Ended Sigs) considering the Genesys 2.


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Hello Programmers who love programming down to the bare copper!

I've been teaching myself Verilog using Xilinx ISE Design Suite on a little Spartan FPGA for my lifes's work project over at qbitrex.com.

It a Quantum Computing simulation.

I found the logic gate I'm going to simulate a qubit its a clocked JK Flop that preserves both Q and NotQ to comply with the reversible computing spec of quantum computing.

Next major step is transmute the electronic into photonic and let it interfere in a beam splitter on a bigger FPGA.

Before that however I need to drive four (4) OLED Arrays Alice and Bob  Transmitter and Receivers.

So my question is can the High Pin count FMC Connector on the Genesys 2 be used to signal the 30 pin parallel digital signals for each 128x128 OLED array which are not FMC connector types?



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