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AD2: Trigger Wavegen1 from a Patterns DIO# using Trigger T1 on the fly wires. Minimize trigger delay





GOAL:  Reduce time delay using trigger from PG to ARB/Wavegen1

Pattern Generator is master instrument - delivering trigger1.

Arb or Waveform1 is slave instrument and is triggered by the RST signal (DIO1) of the PG wired to trigger1.

Want to learn to better specify the 3us pulse with no delay drawn in the arb graphical setup tool.  The high and low voltage amplitude of the arb output are critical in the design.

Ideally no time delay is wanted from trailing edge of PG signal (trigger) to trailing edge of W1 (arb) signal.


PDF attached with 2 scope photos and patterns1 and wavegen1 setup windows.

If there are good examples to refer to, please let me know.


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Hi Attila.  Good to work with you again.  Last time was around August 2019 and that post/work has been archived regarding SAs and RMS.  Are you able to attach a .dwf3work file?  If not I will go through the screenshot by section.  I like that you also included the AD2's scope in the result where I had used an R&S RTH1004 in the documentation.

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I setup my AD2 per the way the AD3 graphic was shown.

The results do match - and I have attached another working report.

I note the trigger change and rising edge defined in W1.

However, the timing diagram including the trigger, the graphical arb output signal (W1) and the specified wait of 11.8us is not clear to me.  I can't draw it - meaning I don't know.

What keys did you know that you so quickly could set those times?  I will be asked to do the same as the output PW (low portion) of the arb signal will be changed as an independent variable.

Thanks for doing the example using the 35us of the total PG pattern period, which is where the patter repeat should start.

Please advise.


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Hi @tdavis

The outputs have a certain delay from trigger, digital pipelining + DAC.. The AWG output to be exactly in phase with the DIO, it should be triggered earlier and wait used to align.
For AD2 the Wavegen delay is about 160ns, so 3us + 11.84us will be in phase with the Patterns T0+15us signal. patterns wavegen.dwf3work


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