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Wiring pmod OC1 to a Stepper motor driver



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I am using the OC1 to connect a beaglebone black with 3V logic to the CL86T stepper driver which requires 5V to trigger steps. I attached my wiring diagram. The motors are not turning and I was going through my circuit with the multimeter and I am not getting pulses on the output side of the OC1. I do see the switching on the input side from 0 to 3V. I also see 5V on the Vcc pin. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong connecting to not see 5V pulses on the output side. 


Any ideas? 

OC1 to CL86T.jpg



So if I wire a circuit with LED and resistor in series and return to V_L it works and I get the 5V pulses. So the question is how do something similar with the CL86T


** 2nd Update**

Figured out what the PUL+ and PUL- are for on the stepper driver. ALso I needed to wire the control pins to the PUL- terminal and things are now working 


crisis averted. 


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