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USB-1515FS Addressing



I have a question about the using multiple USB-1616FS assemblies.  The pair of boards have been in use for approximately 12 years.  Each board has its own USB cable, plugged into the same PC.  32 outputs are being monitored simultaneously.  One board has completely stopped functioning (providing outputs).  Since USB-1616FS boards unavailable, I'm trying to understand and troubleshoot this configuration.

Would these boards have been set-up with a hardware configurable address?  (How wouldour proprietary software differentiate between these 2 boards?)  Any troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Given how long they been in operation, access to each device is determined by the board number assigned by InstaCal. If you replace the broken unit, make sure InstaCal uses the same board number and everything should work as it did. 

Newer applications can take advantage of the discovery programming interface to locate a device by its name, type and/or serial number. This method ignore InstaCal but InstaCal still needs to be installed.

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