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Linux driver or USB DDK for DT9816-S?

Chris Atkeson


I am looking for a linux driver for the DT9816-S.

I haven't found one either in the MCC Universal Library for Linux (uldaq), https://github.com/wjasper/Linux_Drivers, in comedi.org, or using google search.

If a linux driver does not exist, would it be possible to obtain a description of the USB operations (API) to interface to the DT9816-S. This information is often referred to as the Driver Development Kit (DDK) API. I would be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement to access this information.

Prof. Chris Atkeson

CMU Robotics Institute



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Hello @Chris Atkeson.

The only Data Translation hardware supported by MCC's UL for Linux are the DT9837A, DT9837B, and DT9837C devices.


Comedi's website does list other Data Translation hardware, but not the DT9816-S.


A DDK is not available.



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