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JTAG-HS3 Programming Cable for programming Xilinx Zynq-7: XC7Z010



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Hi @mohsena,

You can use the JTAG HS3 to configure the board since it uses a Zynq 7010 chip, though because the JTAG HS3 header is in a 2x7 2mm pitch arrangement and the Trenz device does not have that same header arrangement, you would need to use some external wires to properly connect the JTAG signals to the correct pins (which would likely end up looking something similar to this in terms of a visual: https://wiki.trenz-electronic.de/display/PD/TE0722+Getting+Started#TE0722GettingStarted-UseotherJTAGProgrammer).

I will also note that the JTAG HS3 does not facilitate UART communication (I don't know if this is a requirement on your end) so that would need to be done separately. The same getting started page I linked mentions an XMOD TE0790 programmer which has the same pinout arrangement and facilitates serial communication over UART, so as a user I would probably look into trying to find that module if only for ease of use/less messing with wires.


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