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Pynq-Z1 Boot issue and with new board (problem found, expected the quad spi to auto update)



The new board that I received seems to have a thermal problem. It appears to boot properly from an SD card (image 3.0) but not from the quad-spi.  It seems that there is a narrow temperature window where it rarely will boot from the quad-spi however this could just be a random occurrence.


When booting from quad-spi, the multi color leds continue to toggle rgb and the 4 green leds are illuminated (never flash).

when booting from SD at the final stage the 4 green leds flash 4 times and all is good.

Any help getting the RMA moving would be greatly appreciated. I need this board for a Lab requirement. 


Added note: When booting from quad spi the console port shows the following

PYNQ Rev. B Board Manufacturing Test Image 3






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