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USB-1208FS-PLUS Getting 20Hz clock signal on the SYNC pin with DaqAMI

Seth Slavin


Hello. Using the USB-1208-FS-PLUS. Want to get a clock signal output on the SYNC pin that is 20Hz. I tried recommended advice to start sampling analog channel with DaqAMI and then expected to see the 20Hz output on the SYNC pin. I do see that when I am not sampling that a higher frequency signal is present on the SYNC pin in the kHz range but when I start sampling I do not see any signal coming off. Is there another parameter that needs to be set in the DaqAMI?

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Hey Seth,

I tried DAQami and it behaves differently. I don't why but it seems to put out bursts of pulses instead of continuous steam. My test using a C# program with the AInScan function produces a continuous stream of pulses. As I mentioned, the frequency will depend on the number of channels and the pulse width is only about 10uS wide.

Best regards,


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