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Trouble to connect Analog Discovery 2 to Mac Book Pro (OS 10.14.6)

Fred Ivsic



Just received the AD2 in very nice bundle. Connection to PC windows 10 is ok. But on Mac, the device is not recognized. when openning Waveforms (3.19.5), I get the message "no device detected".

Using the option "my device is not listed" I get the message "FT_Openex failed (2).

On the USB manager, I can see the device correctly (see hard copy joined)

Couid you help me in solving this issue. thanks in advance

Capture d’écran 2023-01-23 à 19.46.39.png

Capture d’écran 2023-01-23 à 19.47.17.png

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Hi @Fred Ivsic,

I have moved your post to a more appropriate section of the Forum where the engineer most familiar with the AD2 and WaveForms will be able to see and respond to your question.

I'm not certain why the device would be successfully working on a Windows machine but not on Mac, especially since it appears that the device is being correctly detected (at least as far as manufacturer and serial number goes), though it seems that no current is being provided to the device (only that it can provide up to 500 mA). Am I reading that correctly from your screenshot?

When you installed WaveForms, you installed the WaveForms application and the dwf.framework (and do not have the DigilentFtdiDriver.pkg installed)?


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Hi @Fred Ivsic

It looks like another application or service has taken control over the device. Probably the COM driver in the Mac.

Which MacOS version are you using?
Have you installed the drive indicated in installer DMG according the OS version?
Have you tried restarting the Mac?

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Thanks for your answer. here blelow the info requested.

  • Mac OS 10.14.16 (Mojave),
  • the DMG was not installed as the OS 10.14.6 is after 10.13 High sierra.
  • Nothing change after restarting the Mac

Moreover, I use VMware Fusion (11.5.7) for emulating a PC on the Mac and with a virtual machine running Win 7 x64, after installing lastest waveforms release, connecting AD2 works perfectly !! (so strange)

Thanks for your comments

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