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Vitis - implicit declaration of 'read'; did you mean 'fread'



Hello all,

I have a build warning in my code:

implicit declaration of 'read'; did you mean 'fread'? [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]

The code works but the warning is annoying.

I tried including <unistd.h> to pull in the declaration but that results in a build failure:

conflicting types for 'sleep'
conflicting types for 'usleep'

Does anyone know what header can be included in Vitis to correctly get the prototype of 'read'?


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Hi @Hartley

Assuming your project is a baseline Baremetal project, file I/O isn't necessarily implemented. You might need to bring in additional libraries that allow you to interact with a file system on, for example, an SD card. - I assume it's not baremetal if read works despite the warning.

What's your project? Is this Vitis HLS or "plain-old" Vitis? Is this a petalinux project?



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