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Repairing the burned Nexys Video


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So we burned our Nexys Video and we are trying to repair it. We tried few things but now we do not know what to do next


Here is the problem description:

The problem occurred while connecting Nexys video with PCB by FMC connector. At the moment of connecting all lights on Nexys lit up for a moment. Now the board does not turn on. Inspection of PCB found that one of the components was faulty and caused a short between 12V power jack and GND.


Things tried:

We are trying to repair Nexys video by ourselves. When switching the power switch(SW8) no LEDs light up. While inspecting the board we found out that IC26 is not working and is not setting the 1.2V ,1.5V, 1.8V and 3.3V to the rest of the board. We removed IC26 and are supplying these directly from power supply however The board is still not functioning.


We are out of ideas what to do next so we are wondering if somebody has some advice.

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Hi @Jakyx

Sorry to hear that. My understanding is that there are some specific power sequencing requirements that need to be followed to get the FPGA to power on correctly. You can get some more information about how Digilent implemented the Nexys's power supplies in the board's reference manual. You might also be able to get some more information about the requirements imposed by the FPGA itself in various Xilinx documentation; the Artix 7 Datasheet could be a decent place to start.



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