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Cyber-Security / vulnerability of USB-234 and USB-1208FS-Plus



For reusing the parts named in the headline after a cyber attack, our IT requests answers to all of the following questions:

1. Is write access to the devices memory possible by using external interface ports or network connections (for example USB or Ethernet)?

2. When using these connection methods can any data be written to the device to any kind of non volatile memory (ROM, EEPROM) so it will be available after shut down?

3. Is it somehow protected that only special kind of data is written or stored by e.g. using a special tool / format / key?

4. Can the device be set to factory settings by SEMIKRON (all memory areas to factory settings)?

5. Can the device be set to factory settings if we send it back to you (all memory areas to factory settings)?

6. Is there a general possibility for a virus to download its code to the device?

Thank you very much.


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The USB-1208FS-Plus and the USB-234 are closed systems that use tiny microprocessors with dedicated code. There is no operating system to harbor a virus. They do have a small amount of non-volatile memory, but it is used to hold the microprocessor instruction code and the ADC calibration constants. There is no special protection that would prevent someone with hardware design knowledge to write something to it, but if this were to happen it would most likely result in the device no longer working. I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with SEMIKRON. For the most part, the device is reset by removing and reapplying the USB connection. The two devices listed are not serviceable items other than for a calibration. 

To verify the device is working, use a Windows 10 or 11 computer and the latest version of our InstaCal program. 

Best regards,


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