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ADP 5250 Logger vs. Scope





I am currently trying to use my ADP 5250 pro to log data over a 2 minute period. It seems that the logger tool is best fit for this since the scope does not have a record function for the 5250. I am trying to test out the logger to ensure it works properly, but when I am using the wave generator with the logger, it shows very different numbers than with the scope. The scope reflects the wave generator very accurately while the logger seems to be very inaccurate: image.thumb.png.2fc42157e0c83409c11a175cac4b96a0.png

This is my logger with a wave generator set to 12 V amplitude and 100 Hz frequency. In comparison, this is my scope: image.thumb.png.81c01b4847e1a35e4322ff161e76d59b.png

I am not sure why the logger shows much lower numbers. I am also not quite sure what the difference between the different C1 channels are. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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