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Lost connection to USB-1608G and USB-TC; requires unplugging and plugging USB




I'm using a USB-1608G and USB-TC to collect data with Labview.  I've found that occasionally when I turn on the computer, I'm unable to connect to one of these devices.  When I go into Instacal, it indicates one of the devices cannot be found.  This device is remote to me so I've searched for ways to reestablish connection remotely, but so far the only thing that's worked is unplugging and replugging the device. 


Do you have any thoughts on why I may lose connection to these devices on bootup? 



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Hello @MattA

Measurement Computing USB devices such as the USB-1608G and USB-TC, when directly connected to a computer automatically power up along with the computer. 

Reasons they would not power on with the computer are:

  • Bad USB port.
  • Using USB cables longer than the published spec found in the User's manual (3 meters / 9.84 feet max).
  • Using a USB cable extender.
  • Using an external USB port expansion device (unpowered or powered).
  • Under powered USB port.
  • Wrong or incorrect power management settings for the USB Root Hub found in the device manager (don't let the port power off). 
  • Bad of faulty installation of Windows OS (run Windows update, or anti virus software).

These are the ones we are aware of.

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