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Getting Started with USB-2416 and Labview

Andy Lewis


Ok so no documentation for either Labview or MCC to help get Labview and the USB-2416 to talk.  So introductory information would be helpful.  What I know at this point.  The ULx stuff won't work with Labview 2022.  So I went back to Labview 2021 and it still didn't work with file that worked in the past on a different computer (attached).  In MAX, the USB-2416 doesn't show up.  If I run NI-VISA driver, it knows the board.  I want to be able to run in Labview 2022 so are there other commands I can use to communicate with the USB-2416 when I can get Labview to talk with it at all?

Greatly appreciate any help.


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Hello @Andy Lewis.

'ULx for NI LabVIEW' is currently not supported in LabVIEW 2022.  Continue to use previous versions of LabVIEW until an update for 'ULx for NI LabVIEW' is available.  Next, MCC data acquisition devices are not supported under NI-MAX.  Below are a few helpful forum posts for LabVIEW programmers using MCC data acquisition devices and 'ULx for NI LabVIEW' software. 




Below are additional posts regarding the USB-2416 and LabVIEW.




MCCDAQ software download link:





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Thank you for this information.  I actually have a 2021 program that worked - I'm on a new computer.  My problem is I can't get labview to recognize the board for me to access it.  So I'm a step back from trying to get the items from ULx to work.  So help there would be great.

Also when I open Labview 2021, the ULx library is not shown under user library.



I un-installed instacal and started from scratch.  It now looks like the board is reading.

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