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Standing up a MC USB-2416-4AO DAS for data collection and data transfer

Jim Bertrand


Greetings,  I have a MC USB-2416-4AO DAS brick and so far it hasn't been cooperative in getting it 'up and running'.  DasyLab is much too involved for my simple needs but so fare Daisy seems to only want to talk to ITSELF.  I need to get this thing to collect analog data and store it for later analysis.  All I want is to collect 5 channels of analog data at a slow rate over many days. Then allow transfer of either a TEXT or CSV file to Excel for processing.  Simple I know but so far none of the 'manuals' have 'walked' me thru this simple process.  HELP.

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Hello @Jim Bertrand

I recommend you download and install the MCCDAQ software found on the download page:  https://www.mccdaq.com/Software-Downloads  (first item on the page).

Install InstaCal and DAQami. 

Attach your USB-2416, run the software.  Here is a link to the MCC DAQ software quick start:  https://www.mccdaq.com/pdfs/manuals/QS-MCCDAQ.pdf

if you want to use DASYLab, then you must first run the DASYLab Configurator to install the MCC DRV drivers.  

Here is a link to the Quick start for "Using DASYLab with a Measurement Computing DAQ device:  https://www.mccdaq.com/PDFs/Manuals/QS-DASYLab-MCCDRV.pdf



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