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Cmod S7 DIP in length?



The STEP model offered in Additional Resources doesn't have articulated parts on it; the headers and Pmod connector appear to be simple extrusions following the graphical part outlines. In the case of the four 9-pin headers that are intended to plug into a breadboard, the parts protrude a very unlikely 9 mm from the board surface. What is the actual header pin length?

I ask because I'd like to socket this module, and pin length is critical for me.


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Hi @mikehoopes,

I measured the pins on the Cmod S7 with a pair of digital calipers.

The black sheath surrounding the metal pins just below the PCB is 2.50 mm in length.
The length of exposed metal of the pins is 6.00 mm.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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