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Have you successfully used your Fluke 5520A calibrator with the USB-TEMP, in the past?

Please reference MCC's Knowledgebase articles.



Do you have Steinhart-Hart Coefficients to enter into InstaCal?

Do you have a thermistor to test with the USB-TEMP?

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I am new to Transcat. We have no real thermistor that I am aware of. I do not know much about Steinhart-Hart coefficients but i assume they describe a particular thermistor's nonlinearity. A discrete resistance point should work. I used a pure resistance decade box also no reading. The knowledge base articles are useful and indicate I likely need the Steinhart-Hart vaues which of course I do not know for Fluke calibrator. Also, the fluke uses magic in that the resistance is simulated by analog circuits. 

I will talk to team here for tips.

Thanks for help.


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Hi Steve,

During your InstaCal set up where you select thermistor as the sensor type, there is a 'Help' button under the three boxes where you would enter the values. When you click it, it provides you with a description of where you should get your Steinhart-Hart coefficients, and also a set of defaults you can use to get going:


To be clear, they are not coefficients to use with a real thermistor, but they can get you past the learning curve.  I recommend you give them a try. 


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