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Bitstream write error CMOD A7




I've got a project that when generating a bitstream, I have no critical warnings but do get an error that results in a failed bitstream write.  From the runme.log file:

ERROR: [Common 17-53] User Exception: Project already exists on disk, please use '-force' option to overwrite: 
sourcing script C:/Projects/Parametric_Speaker/Parametric_Speaker.tcl failed

I've searched for this problem and another answer suggested to move the files to another directory, and if using a block diagram (I am), to reset / generate output products.  I did those things and still get the same error. 

Right now the next thing I would try might be to re-create a new project, draw up a block diagram and import the hdl and constraints files.  If using the '-force' option would be helpful, I haven't figured out how to implement that. 

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Hi @mike5560,

Is this an exported project that you obtained from somewhere else or an exported module that you have made yourself and imported into a new project? I imagine I've looked at the same Xilinx support threads as you have, but I haven't seen this particular type of error before so I don't have any definitive solutions to offer.

If doing a new "save as" for this project and then restarting the synthesis, implementation, bitstream generation process does not resolve the error, then yes I would probably recommend recreating the project; I'm not able to comment what the -force option will do. I believe you can use the -force option through the Project Settings as one of the tcl.pre or tcl.post options  (available in the Settings option in the Project manager), but I haven't dug into the details to confirm procedure.


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