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Zybo Z7-20 HDMI Demo Displays for a moment and goes away



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I am using Vitis 2020.2 just like the demo requires.  I have my Blue Ray DVD player plugged into the Rx Port and my TV plugged into the Tx port.  I have my usb and jtag usb plugged in.  The power LED is lit and the Done led is lit and so is the hpd led.  I have teraterm up and I do see the text when I run the project.  When it first runs, the color bars display but then within a moment the screen goes dark.  It shows that the HDMI is Unplugged.  Though it is plugged in and the DVD player is turned on and running.  I tested it with the TV first.  If I change the resolution to 720P I get a green rectangle in the middle of my screen and if I select 3 or 4 it flashes and goes away in the upper right corner.  

WOW, my DVD player turned off and now it all works minus the stream stuff.  I am getting the patterns and can change the resolution.

Turned the DVD player back on and it quit displaying.  Turned my DVD player back off and was able to display the color bars again.

I got a power adapter and it still didnt work.  

I switched out the DVD player to my laptop and I got an image.

The frame capture didnt work but at least I had an image.  Wonder why the DVD player didnt work.

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Hi @MichelleNicholes,

When you say "the frame capture didn't work but at least I had an image" when you attached the laptop as the Rx input, could you describe a bit more of what you mean by that?

The details I am looking for at the moment are as follows:

- Did serial terminal change its message to say "HDMI Connected/detected"? (I forget the exact wording)
- Were the two frame buffer numbers matching?
- Did changing option 5 (start/stop video stream) change anything?

Additionally, what video resolution & frame rate does your BlueRay/DVD player provide?


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