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Vivado 2022.1 and SDK

Eran Zeavi


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Xilinx abandoned the SDK with the 2019.2 version of the tools. You need to use Vitis which makes your tutorial out of date.

You might consider using an earlier version of the tools to get started.. perhaps Vivado 2019.1. The Zedboard has been around for longer than Vivado so really any tool version will work. If you are just trying to learn how to use the tools it would be easier to use the version that your tutorials and demos are using. The basic concepts haven't changed but lots of things get depreciated with tool version releases, and this can complicate and confuse anyone trying to follow an out of date tutorial. ZYNQ based development is doubly affected by tool version incompatibilities because it always involves a HW plus SW design effort. Though Vitis was supposed to integrate all of the software tools better than previous versions, if you want ot use Linux, you still need to install Petalinux separately and use a Linux based OS Host for developments. Microsoft has been trying to subsume Linux into Windows for a while now so, in theory, this situation might eventually change.

As for new releases of FPGA tools breaking old design source code as well as vendor IP; this is just the way that it is, and has always been across the programmable device market space. Edited by zygot
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