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Drawings for Analog Discovery Pro



Are there *.dxf/dwg drawings available for the front-panel on the Analog Discovery Pro?

I am interested in building a generic protoboard that attaches to the BNC connectors on the front. That way I can install my specific product mating connectors to the protoboard in a way that easily allows me to swap out different boards / test setups.

I'm a little disappointed that the scope and waveform generator are not routed through the 15x2 connector like they are on the Analog Discovery 2. A big part of the convenience of that smaller unit was being able to make custom, interchangeable test boards that would mate with that connector. Mating with 6 BNC connectors is unfortunately more difficult, and far more expensive. A wonderful tool nonetheless.

Thank you!

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Hi @mmolter775,

Digilent does not have any drawings available that I am aware of since the purpose of the BNC connectors was to help facilitate the higher bandwidth capabilities of the Analog Discovery Pro than flywires can facilitate. I will ask if any such drawings could be made (or published if they happen to exist).

There is an unofficial adapter made by another Forum user on this thread that may be of interest to you though:


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