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Zynq 7020 : IOB warning [Place 30-722]



[Place 30-722] Terminal 'adc_dat_i[0]' has IOB constraint set to TRUE, but it is either not connected to a FLOP element or the connected FLOP element could not be brought into the I/O

While working with FPGA , after implementation, this critical warning is been shown

How can I overcome this

I am trying to connect xadc of Zynq 7020 to my design.

I have attached my design,warning messages and xdc file screenshots.




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Hi @msamirh

You will need to use the XADC wizard IP to configure the XADC and get an interface to pull data from it - likely a DRP interface if you don't want to use the Zynq PS. For a starting point to see how this works, I'd recommend checking out the Zybo Z7's xadc demo: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/zybo-z7/demos/xadc



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