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WaveForms: How to get tables with Wavegen and Oscilloscope data on same time scale



I am exploring Analog Discovery Studio with WaveForms for a our undergraduate student lab. It is easy to get the oscilloscope data saved and exported, but for several experiments/analyses we would need the output of the waveform data on the same time scale as the oscilloscope data (e.g., to measure a phase shift).


How can I generate tables that contain the wavegen output on the same time base as the oscilloscope channels?

Is there any easy function such as a drop down menu to add them to the table when recording oscilloscope data with WaveForms?

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Hi @FrankS

Use one oscilloscope channel to capture the filter/DUT input (Wavegen output) and the other one for the filter output, as it is used in Network or Impedance Analyzer.

Emulating the Wavegen output or sampling DAC data is not supported since these may not be precise and could be misleading. The signal can be attenuated, distorted due to current limitation, at high frequency the DAC and output latency could be significant...


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