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 digilent tdgl018 to program an Atmell atf 1508 asl-25au100



Hello I am new to programming CPLD chips and FPGA chips and I recently bought a   digilent tdgl018 to program an Atmell atf 1508 asl-25au100. I was led to believe that this is possible. I also read somewhere of another person doing the same thing but lost the link and the solution. I have downloaded the software and no where do I see any Amtel programing devices for programing in the software or selections for voltage. Maybe I am confused but I was assuming to plug the ground, and voltage and data likes for JTAG on to the header of my board with the device on it and header pins to corresponding pins on the device then press go.  Maybe my JED file needs to be compiled somewhere? Maybe I need some software for  Atmel device from Atmel? Maybe this cable is not capable of performing this process on this device. Maybe this is a question not for the introduction section? Which I apologize for, but this is why I am here, so I ask upon hello. 

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Hi @Smitty,

I had to look up what a Digilent tdgl018 was since I've never heard of it. I was able to find on a Microchip product page (https://www.microchip.com/en-us/development-tool/tdgl018) to learn that is a reselling of the old Digilent JTAG-USB cable.

As it was hinted at on your other forum post, Digilent does not have much in the way in the way advice in terms of using the Metaware software from Synopsys as noted in a number of other Forum threads (link1, link2, link3).

Similarly, if you are instead using the MCHP Serial Flash Programming Utility for CPG products that is mentioned on the Microchip website, you will need to contact them for some additional advice as they would be using API calls from the Digilent Adept software, but we as Digilent have no way of knowing which API calls they are using or how they are handling them.

Thank you,

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