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Signals aren't correctly positioned on the timebase when zoomed out



The oscilloscope channel signals don't stay aligned with the cursors, grid, and reference waveforms when zoomed out. 

The image "zoomed_in.png" has a signal (yellow), a reference waveform created from that signal (green), and two cursors. The signal and reference waveform are perfectly overlapping as expected. This is at 1ms/div. When I zoom out one step to 2ms/div, the signal becomes misaligned with respect to the reference and the cursors.

In the third image, "badly_aligned.png", I have a capture of a periodic signal. I zoomed in on two of the pulses and placed the cursors in the middle of the pulses. When I zoom out, the cursors no longer look like they match up with pulses. Also notice that the cursor on the right appears farther away from the pulse than does the cursor on the left. 

The misalignment seems to be more of an issue toward the end of the full capture than at the beginning. This is an issue with both 3.16.3 and beta_3.16.23. I'm using Ubuntu 20.04.




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