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pcam5c driver on nxp board

will chen


Hi Digilent,

   I'm trying to build a pcam5c driver to nxp board, and now  i'd success to get the chip id.

   And I keep following the power up/reset steps in datasheet , but i still can not bring up the mipi data-lane

   my question is that "How To Setting The Register in step 9 & 10", could you give some suggestion, or any examples!?

  1. Execute a power-cycle by applying a low pulse of 100ms on CAM_PWUP, then driving it high.
  2. Wait for 50ms.
  3. Read sensor ID from registers 0x300A and 0x300B and check against 0x56 and 0x40, respectively.
  4. Choose system input clock from pad by writing 0x11 to register address 0x3103.
  5. Execute software reset by writing 0x82 to register address 0x3008.
  6. Wait for 10ms.
  7. De-assert reset and enable power down until configuration is done by writing 0x42 to register address 0x3008.
  8. Choose system input clock from PLL by writing 0x03 to register address 0x3103.
  9. Set PLL registers for desired MIPI data rate and sensor timing (frame rate).
  10. Set imaging configuration registers.
  11. Enable MIPI interface by writing either 0x45 for two-lane mode or 0x25 for one-lane mode to register address 0x300E.
  12. Let MIPI clock free-run, and force LP11 when no packet transmission by writing 0x14 to register address 0x4800.
  13. Set output format to RAW10 by writing 0x00 to register address 0x4300 and 0x03 to register address 0x501F.
  14. Wake up sensor by writing 0x02 to register address 0x3800.


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Hi @JColvin,

thanks for your reply!

I follow up the demo code, and success to bring up the data signal, and it seems fine! (change camera mode to MODE_1080P_1920_1080_30fps, and the data signal got change too)

But the clock-lane still not work, have you meet similiar issue before? Is there any step I missed?
Note that clock-lane have a pulse at beginning, but no more signal after that...

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