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Proramming CPLD XC9572XL using XUP USB-JTAG programming cable



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Hi @karim,

I am not certain what boards can be configured by the XUP USB-JTAG since Digilent did not develop this product. Based on this thread, I believe Parallel cable could program them, but that cable has not been sold by Digilent for quite some time and none of our currently sold Digilent JTAG cables can configure 9500XL CPLDs.

Presuming the XUP USB-JTAG Programming cable is based off of the Xilinx's Platform Cable USB, then the XUP USB-JTAG theoretically could program the 9500XL CPLDs, but I have not found direct evidence of this.

I found some other documentation here and here detailing what can program those CPLDs.


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