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My Zynq 7010 fails memory test



I am trying to make RAM work on my zybo; however, it keeps failing the memory test,
I have tried


additionally, I have tried setting up different "memory part" in the settings in vivado according to these reference manuals


Do you know what I might be doing wrong?

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Hi @dudette,

Are you using the original Zybo or the Zybo Z7-10?

Which version of Vivado are you working with and what do you mean by "it keeps failing"?

When you said you have tried the things suggested on the other threads, does that mean you created a new project that only used the UART on the Zynq processor, generated the bitstream, exported the project, and then did the memory test?


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I have double check I am using the original Zybo
I am using Vivado 2019.1 and XSDK 2019.1
The project device in vivado is xc7z010clg400-2

The procedure which I have taken to test the RAM was:
-everytime, I changed the setting of RAM in vivado, I would rebuild the vivado project, program the board from vivado, and later export the hardware with bitstream, and start new project in XSDK with the exported hardware.

I have tried setting the RAM to MT41J128M16JT-125 and recommended speed like it is mentioned in 
I did this for DRR3 and DDR3L in two separate tests, and each for 0x00100000 and later 0x00200000 like

I tried this with different RAM settings like the once which are mentioned in the threads which I tested for both DRR3 and DDR3L and 0x00100000 and later 0x00200000.


23 hours ago, JColvin said:

what do you mean by "it keeps failing"?

I mean that each time I run different settings (default, and the once mentioned in the threads), I keep getting failed memory test run.

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