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Configuring FT2232H compatible with Digilent JTAG cable



Hello all: we are using FT2232H on our boards to emulate the JTAG cable such it is recognized by Xilinx tools, ISE and Vivado. The most convenient solution is to use the Digilent driver which is already provided with Xilinx tools. I wonder what is the exact configuration of the FT2232H to enable using this driver? Could you please share the details?

Thank you,
SkuTek Instrumentation

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Hi JColvin

This is apparently a popular topic.  JColvin or other member of the technical staff, can you please reach out by email in regards to a obtaining a license?

We are seeking a similar license to emulate Digilent board using either FTDI FT2232H or FT4232H over Xilinx Vivado toolset.



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Hi @Taksun,

Digilent typically uses the FT2232HQ device (such as is mentioned in the Arty A7 Reference Manual here: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/arty-a7/reference-manual#usb-uart_bridge_serial_port).

I have not done any research into the 56-pin variant, nor I am I sure by what you mean that it does not work as a Digilent programmer, as that seems to imply you have already attempted to configure the device, though I do not know how you would have done so.

Regardless, I would not be surprised that with the reduction of pins comes a difference in pin layout as well as register configuration, so I would imagine that Digilent's programming solution as it currently exists would be incompatible with the FT2232H-56Q.


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