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Ps side uart not working in ZYNQ



Dear All,

I am using MIO pins 44,45 for UART1 in ZYNQ. For that i have created block design in vivado 2019.1 by taking zynq processing system .export hardware and launch sdk.

In sdk I have made a simple hello world application.I have set the baudrate and all other parameters of SDK terminal but hello world is not printing although it is working for EMIO pins.

My all the uart are on 500 bank which has 1.8v and EMIO pins have 3.3v.

I have checked 2 MIO pins on bank 501 which has also 3.3 v.On that it is working.

Only for 1.8volt it is not working as we have used isolator for it max218.

Please help me out where the things get wrong?



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Those RS-232 charge pump logic level converters can fail to start up. Component selection is important. I assume that you've carefully read the datasheet and application notes from Maxim IC. Hopefully, you wouldn't try and do circuit design without an oscilloscope so that you can verify TxIN, RxOUT, and charge pump pin levels. It shouldn't be too hard to deduce where the problem lies.


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