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Xilinx device XC3S50AN-TQG144 failed to program




1)    We are using XC3S50AN-TQG144 from 2 lots, we have two separate assemblies for each lot IC using same PCB. But older of this is working where newer showing failed to program. Please check below table, and give us suggestion on this issue. Attaching screenshot of ISE Impact 14.7 as well as Attaching screenshot of Digilent’s Adept.

2)    Applied patch file for 14.7 based on forum recommendation at #AR59572 but it has no effect on the outcome.

3)    Conslusion: a) New lot XC3S50AN IC is different than old lot XC3S50AN. How? Why? Solution?

b) Old lot XC3S50AN can’t be program by ISE 14.2/14.7 while using same OS, Digilent’s Adept can do it. You need patch files for ISE 14.2/14.7. How? Where? Solution?

Attaching test table image, please go through it.


Thank you.


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Hi @anshumantech,

I looks like you posted this on the Xilinx forum (though I don't know why it is marked as solved, so you may want to post on that thread again). Unfortunately, Digilent does not have much in the way of advice as it is my understanding that the Spartan-3AN support is all done by Xilinx and the hardware portion was done by Digilent. Since you have the same OS setup between both boards, I am not certain what the issue might be.


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