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Analog Discovery 2 and Robot?



LOL, I'm the first question. 

Our team got a free Analog Discovery 2 given to us to help us with our Robot build. It looks cool, but we aren't really sure how to use it. 

Do you guys have any suggestions for how this can be used? Right now we use our DMM for most of our troubleshooting electrical things so we aren't sure what else we need.


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In addition to what @vicentiu said, I think one of the biggest benefit of the Analog Discovery 2 compared to a DMM with regards to this situation is that the Analog Discovery 2 provides a look of how your robot responds over time (either long or short) to inputs, such as starting or stopping motors, whereas a DMM will only give you a single point in time. This can be a nice benefit to see how fast your robot responds or be able to see how it is reacting if you view unexpected behavior.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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