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Hello All


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Just joined the forum and thought I should keep with tradition and say Hi! I've got a BASYS3 board (awesome piece of kit) and I'm about 1 week in to teaching myself VHDL after completing a PhD in experimental particle physics and realising that there's not a lot of use for it in Northern England! 

Best regards.


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random thought: Many physics PhDs end up in finance. Maybe it's about juggling with probability distributions, who knows...

FPGA territory starts where the processing latency of a CPU-based trading system becomes a problem. Just a thought...

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Welcome to digital design!  You can find a lot of valuable digital design blog posts at ZipCPU.com.  Most recently, I've been working on an article discussing how to build an I-cache, so you may see that post there soon enough.  I'm also working on a (Verilog+simulation+formal verification) tutorial, although it is far from complete.  Feel free to wander over and try it.  If you've never heard of formal verification, you can also read about my first experiences with it here.  Based upon those (and subsequent) experiences, I've found it quite valuable.

As for Physics, I was once taught that ...

  1. If it stinks, it's chemistry
  2. If it crawls, it's biology, and
  3. If it doesn't work, it's physics

Cheers, and welcome to the forum!


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@xc6lx45I predict that the rollout of self driving cars will greatly increase the sale of motorcycles. People generally enjoy driving. The main downside of motorcycling at the moment is human car drivers. I'm looking forward to the day that I won't have to worry about them anymore. Pesky humans!

@D@n Thanks for the links. I'll take a look at them today. If you have any good advice on common newby mistakes to avoid, I'd be happy to hear them. My current game plan is to just dive in and get my hands dirty, while keeping the magic smoke inside the FPGA!

I've already seen you both are quite active on this forum. I have a lot to learn so I'm afraid you're probably going be hearing a lot from me in the coming months. ?

Thanks for the warm welcome. 



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