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Reading ADC



Hello everyone,

I've bought a Zybo Z7 with a XC7Z010. I can see on the schematics that the pin 19 (IMON) of the IC26 (TPS25940ARVC) is connected to the pin K9 (VP_0) of the SoC. A resistor from this pin to GND converts current IMON to proportional voltage, used as analog current monitor.

So the question is: what do I have to do to read this voltage? I'd like to be able to read it and display it on the terminal after SSH'ing into the board.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @AlexSilva,

You need to incorporate the XADC IP Core into your design using vp/vn as described in the reference manual in section 1.4 Current Monitoring. Here is a forum thread that has a completed xadc design using the zedboard which has a zynq processor that should be a good reference for your design.

thank you,







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