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Zybo Z7 HDMI output with Petalinux



Hello everyone,

I've bought a Zybo Z7 with a XC7Z010. I've downloaded the HDMI demo (link here) and I got it working - I connected my laptop to the RX port and a monitor to the TX port.

Now what I'm trying to do is to have the TX connected to a monitor, build an image using Petalinux and once I program the SoC I can see the Linux booting on the monitor. I've built an image using the bit and hdf files provided on the HDMI demo project and on Petalinux kernel config I've enabled the following:

Device Drivers -> Graphics support -> Enable HDMI HDCP support in MSM DRM driver
                                                              -> Xilinx DRM -> Xilinx DRM Display Port Driver
                                                                                       -> Xilinx DRM Display Port Subsystem Driver

I can program the SoC ok but I get no output on the monitor. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @AlexSilva,

I have reached out to a more experience embedded linux engineer about this forum thread. They are out of the office the rest of this week so i would not expect a response until next week. While we are waiting have you looked at our pre-built petalinux projects here. The readme's are very informative.

thank you,


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