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Pin change to Ethernet PHY between Nexys4 and Nexys4DDR?



Hello may I confirm that the connection of pins D10 and C11 to RXD1 and RXD0 have been reversed between the Nexys4 and Nexys4DDR?  The RM says so, but I wanted to double check this isn't a typo as no other connections to the Ethernet PHY have been changed.



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Hi Anding,

That's alright for the duplicate post. I did not know that other users were getting that error frequently still; it used to happen more in the past, but its rare for me now. I'll let our web guy know that people are experiencing this. Thank you for the feedback!


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Dear Anding,

That is a very strange case for pin changing so I went and checked the schematics. I found the two that in the two schematics for the Nexys4 and the Nexys4 DDR that the pins D10 and C11 have been flipped when connecting to the RXD1/Mode1 and RXD0/MODE0. The reason behind this is unclear to me but i'm glad you asked so that way in the future we can know that this isn't a typo. Thanks so much for pointing it out. I would have just assumed it was a typo.

Best Regards,






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