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I am working on preparing Labs for my Circuit class using Digilent Analog Discovery (Real Analog - Circuits 1) and I have a question about MATLAB files. In a few labs, he mentions about required MATLAB files in order to complete the lab. For example, in Lab 12.4.1, this is the line that I have copied from the PDF document:

"The calculations are simple, but rather tedious.  The MATLAB m-file associated with this lab can be used to streamline these calculations. Run the m-file and input the appropriate resistance values when prompted. Assume that the inductor resistance is zero for the pre-lab calculations."

Could you please help me find out where the MATLAB files are?
Kind Regards, 
Francesco Madaro, Ph.D.
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Hi Dr. Francesco,

From my understanding, all of the MATLAB materials for the Analog Discovery are available from the MathWorks website here. I personally have not used the Analog Discovery with MATLAB so I don't know for sure what all is included. It also looks like (according to the MathWorks requirements on the side of the page) that you need the Data Acquisition Toolbox for MATLAB in order for the Analog Discovery support package to work correctly, but again, I do not know what all is involved.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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