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Found 4 results

  1. I am trying to this project from https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/zybo-z7-dma-audio-demo/start . But form me recording never stops. I also, took reference from the above link of Christian, but it's still not working for me. Can anyone help to fix this thing for me. My issue is same as Christian. Also can anyone help me to set J5 to JTAG. Playback is going well, but recording never stops. Please check the images attached.
  2. hi everyone i want to test the example of soft error mitigation controller. I chacnge the constrains in the xdc file as below. # set_property LOC <pin loc> [get_ports monitor_rx] set_property PACKAGE_PIN L16 [get_ports clk] ##LED0 set_property PACKAGE_PIN M14 [get_ports status_initialization] ##LED1 set_property PACKAGE_PIN M15 [get_ports status_observation] ##LED2 set_property PACKAGE_PIN G14 [get_ports status_correction] ##JE1 set_property PACKAGE_PIN V12 [get_ports status_classification] ##LED3 set_property PACKAGE_PIN D18 [get_ports status_injection] ##JE2 set_property PACKAGE_PIN W16 [get_ports status_uncorrectable] ##JE3 set_property PACKAGE_PIN J15 [get_ports status_essential] ##JE4 set_property PACKAGE_PIN H15 [get_ports status_heartbeat] ##JE7 set_property PACKAGE_PIN V13 [get_ports monitor_tx] ##JE8 set_property PACKAGE_PIN C20 [get_ports monitor_rx] but the sem ip stays in the initialize state without pass from the heartbeat status .Do you have any idea why?
  3. Dear All, I have currently finished a PL program for signal processing and hardware controlling on the Zybo Z7010 board. Now, I want to ensure that some parameters can be easily modified by the user on a computer. Thus, I would like to use the USB -- micro-USB cable to instaure a communication between the user and the board. After some reading, I understand that I have to use the PS if I want to go through the micro-USB UART port (I have not yet used the PS in my project...). Hence, I need two things: - Instantiating the UART interface and writing the C/C++ script to ensure communication between User and PS - Creating a write/read connection between PS and PL to modify the parameters after reception by the PS. How should I proceed? As usual, feel free to ask for any further information. P.S. : Until now, I have used only Verilog and VHDL code to make the whole project run and am very uncomfortable with the "Block design" tool, so please be as specific as possible if block design is required (or faster/simpler...) Thank you very much,
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