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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am using ZMOD DAC with Eclypse Z-7 board, and I have two questions regarding controlling ZMOD DAC 1411 output voltage: 1) How do I switch between the low gain and high gain setting in ZMOD AWG (ZMOD DAC 1411) to shift between +/-1.25V and +/- 5V setting using the ZMOD DAC LLC IP in Vivado? 2) I want to control the output voltage levels of the DAC. How do I change the signed 14-bit values in my Verilog module to achieve the desired output voltage? The reference manual shows the following equation for controlling the 14 bit value: So for example, if I want to have voltages between 0 and 3 V, how do I set CA, CG and Range (which is again related to High/Low gain value from Q1 above) values using LLC IP in Vivado? How do I interpret Vout in this case? The LLC IP shows as follows: Please provide me with some help in this regard. Currently, I am giving between 14'd0 and 14'b01111111111111 and I am only seeing between 0-670 mV on oscilloscope with trigger setting of 50 ohm DC (and ~0-1.3 V with trigger setting of 1 M ohm DC). Please let me know if you need more information from me. Thank you, Nasir