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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am using below code to generate a Negative pulse at regular interval on DIO 0 pin of AD2 --------------------------------------------------------- print("Generating 1s pulse") while True: dwf.FDwfDigitalOutEnableSet(hdwf, c_int(0), c_int(1)) dwf.FDwfDigitalOutRunSet(hdwf, c_double(0.05)) # 50ms run dwf.FDwfDigitalOutRepeatSet(hdwf, c_int(1)) # once dwf.FDwfDigitalOutIdleSet(hdwf, c_int(0), c_int(1)) # 1=DwfDigitalOutIdleLow, low when not running dwf.FDwfDigitalOutCounterInitSet(hdwf, c_int(0), c_int(1), c_int(0)) # initialize high on start dwf.FDwfDigitalOutCounterSet(hdwf, c_int(0), c_int(0), c_int(0)) # low/high count zero, no toggle during run dwf.FDwfDigitalOutConfigure(hdwf, c_int(1)) time.sleep(0.1) dwf.FDwfDigitalOutReset(hdwf) time.sleep(5) dwf.FDwfDigitalOutReset(hdwf) dwf.FDwfDeviceCloseAll() -------------------------------------------------------- And after this code segment I have another "pulse acquisition" code from Different pins of Digilent. ==> But, Since i ran code above continously in while loop(we need to generate the pulse continously), the acquisition code is not getting executed. Need some idea here, if we can ran the pulse generation with some other way or configure digilent. Any help is appreciated. @attila ############# Tried Below code to configure digilent for pulse generation but No Luck so far: ------------ # continue running after device close dwf.FDwfParamSet(c_int(4), c_int(0)) # DwfParamOnClose 0 = run, 1 = stop, 2 = shutdown print("Opening first device") hdwf = c_int() dwf.FDwfDeviceOpen(c_int(-1), byref(hdwf)) # the device will be configured only when calling FDwf###Configure dwf.FDwfDeviceAutoConfigureSet(hdwf, c_int(0)) # digital output dwf.FDwfDigitalOutTriggerSourceSet(hdwf, c_int(3)) # trigsrcDetectorDigitalIn dwf.FDwfDigitalOutRepeatSet(hdwf, c_int(0)) # infinite repeat dwf.FDwfDigitalOutRepeatTriggerSet(hdwf, c_int(1)) # wait for trigger in each cycle dwf.FDwfDigitalOutRunSet(hdwf, c_double(1)) # 1ms run # DIO 1 pulse dwf.FDwfDigitalOutEnableSet(hdwf, c_int(1), c_int(1)) dwf.FDwfDigitalOutIdleSet(hdwf, c_int(1), c_int(1)) # 1=DwfDigitalOutIdleLow, low when not running dwf.FDwfDigitalOutCounterInitSet(hdwf, c_int(1), c_int(1), c_int(0)) # initialize with high when running dwf.FDwfDigitalOutCounterSet(hdwf, c_int(1), c_int(0), c_int(0)) # low/high count zero, no toggle during run # configure and start dwf.FDwfDigitalOutConfigure(hdwf, c_int(1)) ------------ Thanks, Rohit
  2. Hello Everyone, I am trying to debug a high speed embedded application with DIO operations and I need to continuously monitor and log the logic levels of DIO. Is there a way to acquire continuous logic signals for the high speed DIO using WaveForms with Digital Discovery? I would appreciate a quick response on this. Thanks Nikhil Chaudhari
  3. Hard Stop after installation. macOS Catalina "“WaveForms” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software." "This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information." I sent message to Digilent Customer Support when I ordered the device from Jameco but I have heard nothing. Should I just send the Analog Discovery 2 back to Jameco? Thank you.
  4. Hello, What is the difference between the "custom" and "sensor" tabs on the Protocol Analyzer in Waveforms? Are they used together? Where the custom tab gives the user the ability to write their own custom SPI Protocol and use it in the Sensor tab? And can I use them to develop a script that would control an SPI compatible 12-bit DAC. The goal is to read the 12 bit digital data from a file, with data ranging from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF (16 bits technically since the 2 MSB determine the DAC Power Modes and the 2 LSB are don't cares) and outputting that data from the Analog Discovery 2 to the 12-bit DAC
  5. Hi everyone I am using demo of waveform software to generate patterns, but i wonder about the output voltage of pattern can be 1.8v or not. can you give me some advices for this? thanks
  6. Hello, When I try to use closed compensation (10 Ohm Range) in Meter mode in the Impedance Analyzer module, the program automatically closes and exits to widnows. In contrast, compensation works well in Analyzer mode. This error has been around since the last few beta versions. I would also like to add a function that automatically remembers the compensation coefficients until the next compensation (Short and Open). PS. WaveForms version 3.11.33 on Win10 x64pro
  7. i want to export my file with respect to the date and time it was created. Can anyone help. So the date and time should be as a folder Impedance1.Export("~/Desktop/SeeIfIWork/"#ddmmyy"/Messung"+Index+".png")