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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, In Waveform GUI Run and Stop gives continuous logic data from the device. But i am not able to figure out how to mimic this feature using waveform sdk api and python. And i also don't know how to set Base 1s/div and position to 1s in python Thank You
  2. Hello, I have connected the AD2 to Spy on an existing SPI Bus between a STM Controller and an IC provided by our Company, and am trying to just spy and log the traffic for tool verification reasons. When i use the Setup with the Waveforms GUI, everything works fine. It displays all Samples, the data looks ok, everything fine. As soon as I start using the tool via API (Python or C#, happens on both) the SPI Phase Settings seems to get ignored. I get flipping Bits all over the place, which is the same behaviour as if i set the Phase in the Waveforms GUI (Waveforms -> Protocol -> SPI) to the wrong setting. The correct Setting for my application is polarity=0 and phase=1, so I used FDwfDigitalSpiModeSet with it's parameter set to 1. I attached the C# and Python programs below for reference, maybe i overlooked something in there, but wouldn't know what should be wrong with it... Program.cs
  3. Good Day Techies, Some background information; I am currently using the SDK and I am running various test before I move forward using this AD2 on a major project. For most of the basic things this device works remarkably. Some questions I would love some insight on: a. What is the maximum amount of Sample Points the Analog Discovery 2 can store/output for a Custom AWG? - Using the API call FDwfAnalogOutNodeDataInfo it returns 4096 Samples as the Max Sample Count. b. Is there any way that this can be increased? c. If this can't be increased, is there a work around that can be used to store/output larger Custom AWG's? d. For major real world applications is this an appropriate device or should one look into the Discovery Pro? Thank you again for all of your assistance.
  4. Dear All I want to generate an arbitrary waveform or tone having bandwith as large as 20 MHz . I am using ADRV9361-z7035 hardware from analog devices . I gone through online material , but I found material related to LTE waveform , DSSS etc .So I dont want to generate a tone or spectrum of particular standard . I am very curios that how this be done ? as the SDR I am using has 56 MHz (real time instantaneous BW ). Best Regards